Yoni Yoga Retreat 14.17. September

Yoni Yoga Retreat
14.–17. September

🌙 Release
🌙 Restoration of Intuition
🌙 Rebirth and Reconnection
🌙 Reclaiming Wildness and Liberation

Join us for a juicy transformative 4-day intensive retreat focused on feminine embodiment through Yoni Yoga.

The Retreat will be in English and German.

This empowering journey is designed to help You release old patriarchal conditioning and taboos surrounding femininity, rediscover and restore faith in your feminine intuition and inner knowing, reconnect with your fuller, authentic selves, and liberate the wild, untamed aspects that have been suppressed.

🌙  Day 1: Release

On the first day, we embark on a powerful exploration of the mind, body, and soul to shed the layers of societal programming that have shaped our understanding of femininity. Through thought-provoking discussions, guided meditations, and gentle Yoni Yoga practices, we unravel and release the limiting beliefs, shame, and taboos that have held us back from embracing our true feminine essence.

🌙  Day 2: Restoration of Intuition

With a solid foundation established, we dive deeper into the restoration of our feminine intuition and inner knowing. Through nurturing Yoni Yoga sequences, intuitive movement, and guided self-reflection exercises, we tap into the wisdom that resides within us. We learn to trust our instincts, reconnect with our innate feminine power, and cultivate a stronger connection to our intuitive guidance.

🌙  Day 3: Rebirth and Reconnection

Day three marks a profound turning point as we embark on a journey of rebirth and reconnection. Through transformative Yoni Yoga and dance practices, breathwork, and guided visualizations, we awaken dormant energies and birth a new, fuller expression of our connected feminine selves. We shed old identities and step into a renewed sense of authenticity, embracing all aspects of our being.

🌙  Day 4: Reclaiming Wildness and Liberation

On the final day, we dive deep into reclaiming our wildness and breaking free from societal expectations that have confined us to the role of a „good girl.“ Through uninhibited sound exploration, ecstatic movement, and liberating dance, we give voice to our desires, embrace our boundaries, and fully express our authentic yeses and nos. We break through the self-imposed limitations, liberating ourselves from the shackles of conformity and unleashing our untamed feminine power.

Throughout the retreat, Helen and Alexandra will provide a safe and nurturing space for self-exploration and growth. We will play and explore.

Together, we will create a supportive community of women on a shared journey of empowerment and self-discovery.

After those 4 days, you will emerge with a renewed sense of self, a deep connection to your feminine essence, and the tools to continue your journey towards embodying your authentic, empowered, and wild feminine nature.

You will grow into being the woman you are meant to be. Enjoy your life with all your senses and find your pleasure in the simple things.

This Yoni retreat is a taster for our upcoming Yoni yoga Immersion (teacher training) . A brand new training that is a dedicated deeper dive into embodied feminine practices. It has the power to transform your perspective on life, nurture your exquisite feminine body, and empower you to support, uplift, and grow alongside other women. By cultivating a loving environment, we facilitate a shift from the patterns of pushing, pulling, striving, and struggling in a masculine manner towards an effortless flow characterized by softness, creative awakening, and a profound connection with your intuitive femininity. It allows you to truly listen and be guided through life’s journey.

So join us for the retreat & have a taster of what’s to come over the next 8 months of the Yoni yoga training.


Your Investment to get this juicy delicious Yoni Yoga Experience.

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Your Investment: 388€ – 555€, choose what is possible for you.

This investment includes the Retreat and organic regional food.

Accommodation (starting from 118€) will be paid directly to the RetreatCenter Hensellek.


Come together, save 80€ and enjoy Sisterhood.

This Retreat is your time to dive deeper into your divine sensuality and sacred sexuality.

We will experience wild herb walk, ecstatic dance, daily Yoni Yoga practice, singing circles, Somatic Erotic Embodiment, wild sisterhood and deep transformation.

Feel home with organic, regional & vegan food and comfortable accommodation in beautiful nature of the magical Black Forest

Retreat Center Hensellek in the magical Black Forest


Embedded in steep forest slopes and small meadows, Seminarhof Hensellek is located in the heart of the Black Forest, along a lightly traveled road, together with a neighboring house in a secluded location.

You can expect a large meadow by the creek with a sauna, fire pit, and a hut. Here, in complete silence, you can observe dragonflies, butterflies, leaping trout, crayfish, or herons. Close by is a mountain stream that invites you to swim, especially after a sauna session. A pond with various ornamental fish species provides a wonderful opportunity for meditation. By the campfire down by the creek or on a meadow above the house with a view of the valley, we can listen to the call of an owl or the distant sound of a roebuck.

Your Hosts: Alexandra & Helen

Alexandra Ava Evans

I am a wild women, mother, dreamdancer and yogini.

I love to dance my life barefoot and explore life with all my senses.

2018 I discovered the word Yoni which is sanskrit for holy tempel and I was in love with the idea of a feminine way of yoga. My call is to create sacred spaces for women to heal themselves deep within and this lead me to Holistic Sexuality, Somatic Erotic Embodiment and than to Yoni Yoga. I designed Yoni Yoga 2019 and it is still evolving with all the experiences I make in my life.

My Home is my car and I travel since two years to get closer to nature and the source within.

I give Deamouring Sessions, create ReWild Temple Trainings, Retreats and conscious Festivals.

My Work with the feminine energy is to dance, embody and embrace aliveness, so called Eros.

Helen Say

is a Mama, Bhakti lover, Osteothai practitioner, Thai massage teacher & has 15 years experience of sharing yoga practices across world including yoga festivals and teacher trainings. After the most spiritual journey of giving birth & whilst living in Karlsruhe, she recognised all that was still to be learnt on the journey of life. This re-birth of herself included new explorations of her own femininity & the messages that had been passed on through family lineages. How to be a woman in a masculine world, always pushing to do more, be more, have more, while ignoring your intuition.

Helen’s inner feminine voice rose up & said NO, this is not the way. This exploration of the feminine way continues daily, learning to tune in, listen, slow down and be present. She is so excited to bring more women into their fullest version of themselves working to soften & listen to their deep feminine essence.

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Surrender to the feminine way of yoga.

Starting this October we have another amazing opportunity for you.

Join our Yoni Yoga Teacher Training 2023/24.

We are looking forward to a sensual, playful time with lots of laughter and joy.

Much Love Helen & Alexandra

Fotos: Jess Melina, Helen Say