Intuitive Yoni Yoga® & Female Empowerment

Join us for our

5 Day Yoni Yoga® Immersion

2nd - 6th of October 2024 // Nature Community // Schönsee, Bavaria

"Claiming safety, vitality, and freedom
within your body is your inherent birthright
as a woman."

Yoni Yoga® is a combination of yoga, intuitive body movement, combined with the joyful expression of our own femininity. 

This 5 day journey provides a nurturing sanctuary, while introducing a timeless, feminine approach to yoga. 

This Training is dedicated to empowering women to discover their embodied vitality and vibrant presence

Yoga practices tailored to each season of your menstrual cycle will reconnect you to the ancient wisdom of the feminine journey. 

By learning to embrace and embody our divine sensuality into everyday life practices, we find peace and strength in our authentic voice.  

What is included

Feminine Yoni Yoga Flows

Sacred Touch

Empowering your voice through sound expression

Re-Wild Sisterhood Connection

Reconnect with sensuality in every aspect of life

Cycle Womb Wisdom

Free Flow Dance

Goddess Invocation

Sacred Divine Rituals

Over 5 Days...

You will be transported into a safe, nurturing space, entering a sacred feminine bubble where you reconnect with your authentic essence and practice yoga in a way that honors the feminine.  You will learn how to tap into your own sensuality and share the magic of Yoni Yoga within the Sister Circle. 

If you’re an experienced yoga practitioner or teacher, interested in developing more softness, sensuality and intuition into your practice, this training is perfect for you. It’s an experience that goes beyond knowledge into the realm of feminine affirmation and expression.

We invite you to dive deeply into the ocean of feminine power while learning to hold sacred space. This immersion process is designed to facilitate transformation (trauma), as we bring into awareness and break the chains of self-limitations and conditioning.  While creating and developing a strong foundation in your own feminine attributes, we learn to safely navigate the aspects of Eros that will compliment your everyday life.

Through daily meditation and sacred rituals we will learn how to invoke and align the energy of Saraswati and other Goddesses.

We will explore together how we as Feminine beings can bring yoga into the world in a more sensual, meaningful and sustainable way.

This if for you if...

You are seeking to transition into a softer, more intuitive feminine flow in your yoga practice.

You want to teach with grace and dignity, embracing the feminine approach.

You are curious about understanding the menstrual cycle, regardless of whether you experience it.

You are on a journey towards conception.

You want to live authentically and with purpose.

You wish to impart this wisdom to your students or clients.

You seek empowerment through a deeper understanding of female anatomy.

You long to open your heart and connect in a Sister circle.

Prepare to be amazed
by the revelations awaiting you.

Yoni Yoga®


Your Investment is 1800€. Early bird prize till End of July 1080€. SummerSpecial prize till end of August 1260€.

A deposit of 300€ is required to save your spot. Non-refundable.


The modules take place offline in the Nature Community in Schönsee, Bavaria.

Rooms are booked separately here. Prizes between 300-900€ depending on your needs.


Oct 2nd - 6th 2024
5 Days



Organic Vegan Food
(3 meals a day).

Tea, Coffee and clean water all day.

Let's walk together, let's dance, let's feel...

Looking forward to meeting you. 

With excitement,  

Helen and Alexandra