We start 04.11. in Karlsruhe

Inspire through your female power and accompany other women into their feminine energy

8 moon cycles (8 months)
one Saturday per month in Karlsruhe
Feminine Yoga Flow
Dance with the moon
ReWild sisterhood gathering
Sacred Touch
Cycle Womb Wisdom
Empowering your Voice


Welcome to the Yoni Yoga® Teacher Training—a unique space where you reconnect with your sensual side and reconnect with the feminine energy in your yoga practice.

Over the next eight months, you’ll become a confident Yogini, a guide in the world of sacred feminine yoga. You’ll learn how to explore your own sensuality and share the magic of Yoni Yoga® with others.

Whether you’re already a Yogini, a yoga teacher, or someone who loves working with the power of femininity, this training is perfect for you. It’s a journey that goes beyond just knowledge; it’s about feeling it deep in your bones. We invite you to embody the feminine within to hold space for other divine sisters and dear students.

Your personal process is the key to becoming an embodied practitioner.

This training is designed for you to transform your own trauma, conditioning and self-limitations so you can effectively hold space for your clients to journey into their depths under your guidance.

You can only hold people as deep as you’ve gone yourself.

Although you will learn many practical tools and techniques, this training is about TRANSMISSION.

You will be initiated through your own Yoga Practice while you learn how to teach with grace and dignity the feminine way.

As you embark on this path, you’ll rediscover your unique gifts, find your purpose, and experience the transformative power of your inner sensuality. It’s time to embrace your true strength and pleasure, turning your feminine energy into love that heals and liberates

The Yoni Yoga Teacher Training is for you

✨This Training is all about you, helping you grow and heal. You’ll gain tools to work with cycle wisdom, embrace women’s health, and flow through Yin/restorative and Vinyasa styles with a focus on the core of your body. This will not only empower you but also guide others in a more authentic lovable way. 

✨ Together being in circles with your fellow sisters, you’ll create a journey of self-discovery and change how you see yourself, those around you, and the world.

✨ Get ready to unlock your inner power and joy through this transformational experience.

With excitement,
Helen and Alexandra

Structure of the Training

Yoni Yoga® is a combination of yoga, intuitive body movement,

combined with the expression and upgrade of your own femininity.


We will:

✨ experience and deepen our own feminine yoga practice / embodiment.

✨ gain yoga allienment and yoga practice for feminine bodies

✨ Learn the Art of sacred Touc

✨ learn how to develop structure and conduct creative feminine yoga class

✨ integrate the contents into our lives

✨sing, shake, dance, share and free ourselves

The modules take place offline in Karlsruhe.

Each module is your invitation to experience Yoni Yoga with all your senses.

Each month you will meet a goddess from a different culture and practice with her, meditate with her and integrate her wisdom into your life.

The Yoni Yoga® Teacher Training is a training with all the senses. A full body experience for holistic learning. 

This Yoga Teacher Training is your chance to experience yourself in your femininity, to experience yoga in a feminine way and to decorate your daily life with beneficial rituals.

We explore together how we as feminine beings can bring yoga into the world in a more sensual, meaningful and sustainable way.

We learn, laugh and explore together.

We have developed 8 modules for this purpose.

The modules always take place one Saturday of the month:

1x a month Saturday

from 9:00 – 12:00

– 60 minutes break –

13:00 – 17:30

Offline in Karlsruhe: Me & Yoga DEVA Refugium, Karlstr. 119, 76137 Karlsruhe, Germany

Your Investment is 1800€

Online and offline there is a self-organized Sisterhood meeting once a week. In these meetings the content will be deepened and the guiding will be practiced.

(These meetings take place without Helen and Alexandra)











This Training is for you if you

Want to invite sacred sensuality into the dance of your life

Modules 1 and 2

Modules 1 and 2

are in the care of Goddess Innan, in the sign of Autumn and we practice letting go.

In the waning moon of Module 1 (October 21), we may gather in the circle of sisterhood to honor each other.

The entry into the mysteries of Yoni Yoga, as well as the feminine yoga flow and the honest deep togetherness in the circle of women lead us on the path of sacred femininity.

Module 2 of the waxing moon (November 4) reveals to us the wisdom of the womb space and the power of the yoni.

Together we will experience full of love, joy, yoni breathing, sensual dancing and yin yoga the connection to our own yoni. This will bring us into the pure essence of femininity and let us integrate valuable tools to regulate our own nervous system.

Modules 3 and 4

With modules 3 and 4, winter returns and teaches us to surrender to inner death and rebirth and to honor the pain of inner work.

Goddess Birgid and the waning moon accompany us in Module 3 (December 2). The Twelfthtide approaches and opens wide the gates of the spiritual world. Through the philosophy of Tantra and Yoga as well as through the anatomy of the woman, the spirit is allowed to dive into the sacred femininity and then, with the help of pranayama, meditations, mudras and oils, to arrive completely in one’s own body and in inner peace.

Goddess Sita opens the space of sacred meaning and touch on the first day of the new moon (January 13) in Module 4. Now the time has come to leave the old ballast behind us through intensive shaking. The “good girl” may be transformed into the free woman. For this you will get bodywork, cranial sacral holds, sensual Thai touch and yoni steaming as helpful companions. Female health and wisdom are the guiding stars of this transformation.

Modules 5 and 6

Spring in module 5 and 6 makes us blossom again inside. Dancing movements guide us into our life force.

In Module 5 of the waning moon (February 3) Goddess Durga will guide us. The magic of the moon will also be very present on this day. We may connect with her and her power of the cycle by dancing with the moon and connecting with the yoga of each phase of the moon.

We will awaken our life energy through vinyasa flows, belly dance and yoga dance among others, and then deepen and improve our Yoni Yoga style with renewed life energy.

In the (waning) crescent moon of Module 6 (March 2), Goddess Saraswati watches over us. She teaches us inner freedom by dancing and freeing our mind and the inner wild woman.

Through creative yoga flows, art and mantras we will again get valuable tools to integrate and live this freedom in everyday life.

Also learning the anatomy of the yoni and the yoga practice of yin flow are part of this day.

Modules 7 und 8

With the summer of Module 7 and 8, your full power will shine.

In the waning moon, Goddess Radha will infuse her devotional exotic love into Module 7 (April 6).

Fully in her energy of sacred sexuality and with the support of a guest teacher, we unite body and mind: We celebrate sexual freedom, passions, and creative energy is allowed to flow.

You will be allowed to sow new seeds of sensuality within yourself. You will also learn how to lead a Yoni Yoga class and create your own Yoni Yoga flow.

Goddess Lakshmi will gift us with her wisdom in the waning moon of Module 8 (May 4).

We will learn what it takes to be a Yoni Yoga teacher, a Yogini, and how to integrate this into our daily lives.

This module will be all about your own yoga class and how to create the feminine flow, the sacred temple, and how to intuitively improvise and work within it.

Each participant will give her own 20-minute yoni yoga class on this day.

Afterwards we will gather around the campfire under the stars and spend the night together.

At the end of this module you will receive your certificate in a ceremony to now take your feminine love, your energy in combination with the wisdom of yoga out into the world.

Do you feel the call for inner freedom?

For the breaking of chains and the (wild) flow of your BEING?

Do you feel the desire for femininity to move your body?

and that the energies are finally allowed to flow freely?

Yoni Yoga takes you on a whole new journey to yourself, 

to your own intuitive feminine flow.

About Us


Alexandra is a woman, mother, dream dancer and yogini.

She loves to dance her life barefoot and explore life with all her senses.

In 2018, Alexandra discovered the word Yoni, which stands for “Sacred Temple” in Sanskrit, and was instantly enamored with the idea of a feminine kind of yoga.

Her calling is to create sacred spaces for women to heal deep within, and that led her to Holistic Sexuality, Somatic Erotic Embodiment, and then Yoni Yoga. She created Yoni Yoga® 2019 and continues to evolve it – with all the experiences she has in her life.

Alexandra’s home is her van and she has been traveling for two years to get closer and closer to her nature and inner source. She gives deamouring sessions, creates ReWild Temple trainings, retreats and conscious festivals.

Her work with feminine energy is to dance, embody and embrace the aliveness called Eros.


Helen is a mother, bhakti lover, osteothai practitioner, Thai massage teacher, and has 15 years of experience sharing yoga practices around the world, including yoga festivals and teacher trainings.

After the profound spiritual experience of the birth of her child, she realized there was still much to learn on life’s journey. She was allowed to experience a rebirth of her own self, explore new levels of her femininity, and receive messages passed down through her ancestral lineage.

In a world often characterized by male dominance, she wondered, “Can you truly be a woman who is constantly pushed by this male society to do more, be more, and have more, while ignoring her inner voice and intuition?”

In her search for answers, Helen found her inner feminine voice rising stronger and stronger, “NO, this is not the way!”

Since then, Helen has turned her focus to exploring the feminine path. She has learned to tune into her inner voice, listen more, slow down in life, and be present in every moment. With great enthusiasm, she is now dedicated to inspiring and supporting other women to dive into their deepest feminine essence, softening and truly listening.


Guest Fascilitatress in Module 3

Ronja is a lover of life and is guided by her intuition.

She combines her background as a Physical Therapist, Menstrual Cycle Coach and Somatic Therapist to support women to connect with the wisdom and vitality of their bodies.


Guest Fascilitatress in Module 

Maireyi teaches among other things tantric knowledge, works a lot about and with the body as a yoga teacher, Tantrayogini and accompanies especially women on their way back to their primal knowledge and expression. Life has taught her a lot and so she juggles her mamahood with 3 children and Dogi Lemon, tantric, yogic and ayurvedic work and is the spaceholder of the DEVA Refugium.

Having arrived in her femininity, she always rediscovers herself, draws her strength from it and quenches her thirst for knowledge by being inquisitive and open to life and people.


Guest Fascilitatress in Module 8

Ramona ist

34 years old wild Woman at home all over the world. Tantrika, yogini, nurse in the old life. The tantric way of life has brought her personally a lot of healing, among other things in relationships, to herself and to men. It is a matter of the heart for her to open these spaces and to pass on this knowledge.

To experience the healing of the feminine and masculine part in us, and thus also experience healing in our relationships on the outside. To see life as a ceremony in which every moment is precious and sacred.

“It's your road, and yours alone.others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.”

–Rumi –

Frequently Asked Questions

Previous knowledge of yoga is helpful for the flow, but not essential. Any other movement, dance or embodiment experience is welcome, too.

Together we will dive deeper and deeper into the mysteries of femininity and our own body awareness. We want you to embody Yoga, Asanas, Pranyama as one way to empower your inner essence. We recommend practicing Yoga as a beautiful way to strengthen the body, mind and soul. 

Yes, as long as you are a practiced yogini.

We ask you to practice yoga for at least 2 years and to continue your education at Yoga Alliance certified yoga schools.

We invite you to book your call with us. The Investment is 1800€.

Yoni Yoga® is an intuitive feminine yoga style that integrates primal wisdom and knowledge of women’s health and the menstrual cycle.

We learn how to practice at what stage of our cycle to ensure and enhance our well-being.

You will receive a Yoni Yoga® Basic Certificate, which will allow you to teach newcomers and incorporate the feminine aspects into your existing yoga classes.

We are planning a 200 hour Advanced Yoni Yoga® Teacher Training to follow.

You can let us know and we will record the online version for you.

If there is another Yoni Yoga® Teacher Training next year, you can make up your missed module.

We only offer the option to make up one module.

One Saturday of per month:

9:00 – 12:00

(60 minutes break)

13:00 – 17:30


Module 1 [21.10.] – GATHER & UPLIFT

Module 2 [4.11.] – RELEASE

Module 3 [2.12.] – RECEIVE & RESTORE

Module 4 [13.01.] – HEAL

Module 5 [03.02.] – EMBRACE

Module 6 [02.03.] – INVOKE

Module 7 [06.04.] – RE-BIRTH (BLOOM & BLOSSOM)

Module 8 [04.05.] – REWILD  – Yoni Yoga Outdoor Gathering

Welcome to your training!

Are you ready to engage more deeply with your femininity and accompany other women on their path to themselves?


“Already at the first time I became aware of the sacredness it has when we women give ourselves the space for our femininity with all its facets. To feel you in this space of yours, so powerful, gentle, alive and full of love for yourself and all beings, the whole yoniverse, touched me deeply.” – Alice

“Practicing Yoni Yoga with Alexandra made me feel the body flowing in an intimate awakening, and go about rescuing its sexuality and sensuality. This was a safe space of open and pure observation of the places in me where sexuality still hides. Rescuing these dormant places through the fluidity of my body, with delicacy and love, brought back this naturalness in the expression of my movement.” – Sofia Martins @dancethenature

“I feel after this course that I am on the right path to finally get rid of my blockage. It is a great longing of mine and the beautiful thing for me is that I am still exploring myself.” – Anonym

“Yoni Yoga has helped me feel a deeper connection with my female body. It helped me to feel more grounded in my whole body and especially in my yoni with all that is there right now.

I felt empowered as a woman, deeply connected to a sacred sisterhood. For me it felt like coming home after a long time of despair.

I am truly grateful that I was able to participate in the Yoni Yoga Class. It was very precious for me to have this open learning space of trust, love and connection with other sisters. In this heart space, which was sometimes a bit more fiery, sometimes calmer and sometimes more regenerating, I not only learned in a practical way how to connect more with my feminine energy, but also learned more about, for example, vulva anatomy. I really enjoyed the holistic concept of the course and especially the cherry on top with the Munai Ki rite.” – Lena

Teile das Yoni Yoga Teacher Training in deiner Sisterhood:

Fotos: Cerstin Jütte/ Jess Melina
Video: Selina Farina